Georgetown University Law Center held a conference related to the book—called Reviving Progressive Constitutional Political Economy—on November 18, 2022.

You can watch the whole symposium here on YouTube.
For a rundown of panels and speakers, see here.
C-Span covered all three panels and the keynote by Rep. Jamie Raskin; to see their coverage click here.

The new American Journal of Law & Equality published a particularly rich exchange of ideas on the constitutional theory behind The Anti-Oligarchy Constitution:

Frank Michelman, The Anti-Oligarchy Popular Constitution

Fishkin & Forbath, Dualist Popular Constitutionalism: A Reply to Michelman

The Boston Review hosted a forum on the book in spring/summer 2022. The authors’ introductory post and the five responses can be found at these links:

The authors reply here:

The entire exchange also appears in the Boston Review’s Spring 2022 print volume Rethinking Law.

The LPE Project hosted a symposium about the book in Spring and Summer 2022. Posts can be found at the following links:

The legal blog Balkinization hosted a symposium on the book in spring 2022. You can read the posts at the following links:

The authors respond to these posts here:

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